New Scout Family Orientation

Because we were all new once

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First of all, welcome to Troop 728. We're all very glad to have your Scouts in our troop! Here is a little intro information Scouts BSA, formerly called Boy Scouts. At the beginning, it may feel like you are drinking from a firehose of information, but don't worry! You'll figure things out very quickly and we will be here to get you started.

In case you don't know me or know me yet, I am the committee chair for Troop 728. It is always a pleasure volunteering for Boy Scouts of America. My son was in the boys troop, my daughter is in the girls troop, both of my brothers were Eagle Scouts, and my father and mother were both leaders in Scouting. I believe that this world would be much better if everyone acted like a Scout.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, comments or something bad to say, please reach out to me. I am very open to advise, opinions and feedback. Also, I can enlighten you on anything you wonder about because I have been in your shoes before. I was new once too!

Step 1 - Apply! If you are new you can apply online HERE or if you are currently in Cub Scouts, we will need to transfer you into our troop, so please click here to print the Youth Application and bring it to the next meeting. Cost to join Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is $60 for the whole year. (The BSA dues are prorated at $5 per month, so if you join in March, it would only be $50.) Financial assistance is available, if needed.

Step 2 - Please complete the BSA Annual Medical Form with her medical records with the troop. Please attach a copy of her shot record and a copy of her insurance card (front & back)

Step 3 - Come to the meetings! We meet in Room 3 at the St. Paul Parish Center (MAP) every Sunday from 6-7:30 PM except on weekends of a camping trip. You do not need to stay for all of the meetings, but your daughter might want you to be with her for the first meeting to make her more comfortable. Your daughter must come to at least one meeting before she can attend a camping trip.

Step 4 - Go to the Scout Shop and get your uniform and handbook. <- click the 2 links for detailed information. If you need financial assistance, please let me know privately.

Step 5 - We camp every month, so get ready for camp. This page talks about camping and has the packing list for you. The troop supplies the tents and food, but you will need to bring your own personal gear. We collect $15 a month for "dues" to allow us to purchase food for camp for everyone.

Step 6 - Please bring $16 for a neckerchief, $15 for a tshirt, and $15 for dues with your application + BSA membership fee and your BSA medical form.

We have Troop Committee meetings once a month and they are open to all parents. If you want to join the Committee, please ask for a membership application.

Never be afraid to ask questions! We were all new once!!!

Yours in Scouting,

Rachel Cahill

Troop 728 Committee Chair

214-718-5872 cell

Totally lost? Don't worry!

Go through our online "course" to learn about Scouting. Remember, WE were all new Scout Parents when we started too!

On these pages, we will cover.....

  • How do I get started in the troop?

  • How does Scouts BSA work in the troop?

  • What are the scouting values?

  • Where do I buy the uniform and handbook?

  • What is my role as a parent in Scouts BSA?

  • How does the Troop communicate?

  • What about camping? How does that work?

  • How does my scout earn ranks? What is "advancement"?

  • What is the "Trail to First Class"?

  • What are Merit Badges?