Ham Sales

To order a ham go to www.728hams.org or pay by cash, check or credit card at a booth sale.

We sell Holiday Hams at Easter and Christmas via pre-order at St. Paul Catholic Church and surrounding areas! This is a joint fundraiser with the boys troop. The funds are divided between the two Troops. We smoke the hams on the pick-up day so they are fresh and ready for the customers to arrive and pick up their smoked bone-in hams. The hams weigh about 8-9 pounds before they are smoked and they freeze very well.

All families are expected to sign up to help sell holiday hams at the booth sales for your Troop by selecting two 30 min. time slots each weekend. We will be selling before & after all Masses. We need at least 3 scouts before and after each Mass. We also need at least one adult there at all times.

Please remember to wear your uniform, be courteous and kind, and say "Thank you for supporting our Troops!"

Please stay at the booth until the next shift arrives.

Click here for Ham Sales Process Instructions

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