Sewing Instructions

Right Pocket

Above Pocket

This space is reserved for the Boy Scout Jamboree insignia above the Boys Scouts of America or BSA embroidered logo. They only wear this IF they attended the National Jamboree.

Pocket Flap

On the flap, the Scout sews their Order of the Arrow (OA) lodge's patch. OA pocket flap given to the Scout after their Ordeal. Scouts who aren’t in the OA shouldn’t have any patch on the left pocket flap.

Pocket or hanging from button

If the Scout has a temporary insignia, such as a patch from Summer Camp, they can center it on the pocket sewn on or use the attached loop to hang it from the button under the pocket flap. Only ONE temporary patch may be worn at a time.

If the Scout has completed NYLT or NAYLE training, they will sew the training patch on the right pocket.

Below Pocket

In case the Scout or Scouter earns the Recruiter patch, it is sewn directly beneath the right pocket. Usually, a Recruiter Strip is awarded to a Cub Scout or Boy Scout the first time the scout recruits a friend, relative, classmate, or other acquaintance to join.

Left Pocket

Above Pocket

Above the left pocket, Scouts wear the World Crest emblem, centered over the pocket, horizontally, and between the shoulder seam and the top of the pocket.

Service stars are worn below the World Crest emblem but above the pocket. They must be spaced 3/4" apart, measured from the top point of the stars.

The square knot patches belong below the stars and above the pocket. They can be added individually to the uniform, but only 3 knot patches per row with a general rule of no more than 9 knot patches worn on the uniform. Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA can earn the Religious Emblem knot (a purple and silver knot) and that knot can stay on your uniform for life. Adults can wear the religious emblem knot they earned as a youth on their uniform!

Pocket Flap

Nothing is worn on the left pocket flap.


New Scouts will have nothing ON this pocket until they earn their first rank of "Scout". After each rank is earned, the Scout will be presented with the patch for that rank. Rank badges are worn directly on the pocket in the center. As the Scout progresses, you remove the prior rank patch and replace it with the new one. Many parents save these for a shadow box or some other memory process to frame later, so don't toss those rank patches as they progress.

Below Pocket

ONLY in case the Scout earned the Arrow of Light (AoL) award patch while in Cub Scouts, it is sewn directly beneath the left pocket. Other than the Religious Emblem knot mentioned above, the AoL patch is the ONLY other patch that is moved over from the Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA uniform.

Right sleeve

Green epaulet loop on the shoulder flap. Unbutton the flap then slide on the green epaulet to the edge. (Be sure the epaulet seam faces the back of the shirt.)

US Flag patch - this is already sewn onto ALL shirts before purchasing. No sewing needed!!!!

Patrol Patch - this is given to each scout when they are assigned to a Patrol

National Honor Patrol Award patches - these are smaller star patches that can be sewn around the Patrol patch if the unit qualifies for the award.

Journey to Excellence - the most recent Journey to Excellence award patch will be provided by the Troop if the Troop qualified for the award. Only ONE of these are worn at a time and it should be the most recent year.

If the Scout has or does participate in an Honor Guard or is a council Musician then, the Scout would wear the patch on the right sleeve below the Journey to Excellence award. (Not pictured)

Left sleeve

Green epaulet loop on the shoulder flap. Unbutton the flap then slide on the green epaulet to the edge. (Be sure the epaulet seam faces the back of the shirt.)

Council Patch - Top of the sleeve closest to the seam

Troop Numbers Patch - this can be either the single patch with all three numerals or three individual numeral patches. (Note the Green/Tan for Scouts BSA whereas Red numbers are for Cub Scouts)

Founder Patch - Troop 728 Girls is a new troop that qualfies for the Founder Bar patch. Any girl who joins the troop between Feb 2019 and Dec 2019 will have this patch which is sewn directly underneath the troop numbers.

Some shirts have a pocket on the left sleeve. Note the patch placement is different from shirts with no sleeve pocket. (Left diagram has no pocket. Right diagram has pocket)

(Officer) Position patch is a 2 inch circle patch that sewn below the Founder bar on shirts without pockets. It is sewn in the middle of the sleeve pocket as pictured on the far right if there is a pocket.

"Trained" patch is sewn on the uniform below the Position patch closer to the hem of a short sleeve or on the pocket flap of a sleeve with pockets. Please be careful to leave room for the position patch above the Trained patch and below the Troop Numerals as your scout WILL serve in leadership positions at some point in the future.

Den Chief shoulder cords (not pictured) are affixed to the uniform by opening the shoulder flap and placing the cord (looped rope) under the green epaulet.